Visit to Rotary Club Cambrils

Last Thursday, March 15, we were invited to a very special dinner. Specifically in the restaurant Miramar; and with a great company: the members of the Rotary Club of Cambrils.

We enjoyed a fantastic dinner, they made us feel at home from the first moment talking about several topics related to the field of engineering and showing great interest in our construction project. an electric motorcycle of competition.

So much so, that after the desserts we held a more extensive talk, to explain in more detail what URVoltage Racing consisted of and what our goals were. Rotary Club Cambrils is an organization whose purpose is to bring together leaders business and professionals from various sectors in order to promote humanitarian services, promote ethical standards or act as patrons for projects in the territory.

A great initiative that we hope will not disappear and allow us to open many doors to as many projects as ours that need a voice to reach companies and the population.

Remember: The future is now!