URVoltage Racing is a student association of Universitat Rovira i Virgili. Our purpose is to design and build an electric motorbike in order to get in MotoStudent.


The team is composed by more than 50 students in different specialities:

ENGINEERING COMMUNICATION ECONOMY We are the team that is going to represent our university, URV and our region, Tarragona in Motostudent competition in 2020.
We have the experience of having participated in the 2018 edition, where we fulfilled our objectives: design and build an electric motorbike, passed the verifications and compete in the final race.
For the next edition, our objective is to improve our results.

The competition, What is MotoStudent?

MotoStudent is the only worldwide university motorcycling competition, organized y Moto Engineering Foundation y TechnoPark MotorLand.

The teams can participate in two categories:

MotoStudent Petrol MotoStudent Electric

The competition has two stages:

Stage 1

Documentation and technical presentation of the design of the motorbike.

In this phase the projects will be judged and analyzed from a more industrial point of view
as a commercial project model, evaluating aspects such as: cost, design, innovation,
industrialization, engineering design, presentation … Stage 2

Static and dynamic verifications; acceleration, breaking and dynamic performance and the final race takes place in MotorLand.

In this phase the motorcycle will be tested to determine its capabilities in terms of safety
and functionality, through various static and dynamic tests, among which stands out:
technical inspection, braking test, dynamic behavior, as well as structural resistance,
among others… Finishing this phase with a classification and a final race.


In MotoStudent 2018 participated 25 teams in the Electric category and 45 in the Petrol.


The Objective

The main objective of the team is designing and building an electric competition bike
following the design requirements given by the organization.

The aim of this project is to promote a vocation in engineering, for both secondary education students
and university students, who can apply their acquired knowledge during their studies in an industrial project.



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